Time to Give Back

In strategic partnership People First Solutions, The Boys and Girls Club and the Canuck Alumni are working together to make a difference in the lives of young people through hockey.



“Bob Murray has been a long time supporter of both the Boys and Girls Club and the Canuck Alumni.  While sitting on the Board of the Canuck Alumni, Murray suggested bringing a hockey program to the Boys and Girls Club.  The idea was met with great support from both organizations and the corporate community. We were able to obtain 50 sets of brand new equipment for the kids through the NHLPA Goals and Dreams Committee and ice time from Graham Lee of RG Properties (Planet Ice).  Scotiabank contributed generously to purchase a new bus to get the kids to the rink.”

“With the Boys and Girls Club/The Canuck Alumni/RG Properties/Scotiabank/NHLPA, Goals and Dreams all working together, Murray was able to launch the hockey program in 2008.  There is magic in the air when the kids get on the ice wearing a great big smile and  their brand new hockey gear.  If the hockey program gives the kids one more reason to stay in school and stay off the street we are all making a difference.”

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