Our Selection Process


Our goal at People First Solutions is to hire top performers or “A” Players for our clients. We have based our selection process on Topgrading™ a proven method that allows our clients’ to effectively match top performing “A” candidates to key leadership roles.

Why Topgrading™?

Topgrading™ suggests in most companies only 25% of team members are high performers or “A” Players

Topgrading™ Goal:

Take this average from 25% to 90%
To hire, coach, keep” A “players. Every team member is a high performer, or ” A” player.

Who is an “A” Player?

  • Fits the values and culture of your company.
  • A talented individual who can do the job.
  • A person with at least a 90% chance of achieving a set of outcomes.

What’s so great about “A” players?

  • Hire one – get three (“A” players do the job of three people)
  • “A” players attract other ” A” players.
  • You are who you hire.

Creating a “Blueprint” for “A” Performance

Together with our clients/stakeholders we devote time discussing the measurable outcomes and competencies necessary for success.  We align these accountabilities with metrics, and ultimately create a scorecard or “blueprint” for “A” performance that is consistent with your company strategy. All stakeholders are aligned when we go to market to find an “A” Player.

Our selection process is thorough, enabling us to collect very detailed information. We find out who candidates are below the surface and if their values align with yours.

When a candidate is invited to an interview, we ask questions that are directly related to the accountabilities for the role. Final interviews are in-depth, usually more than three hours in duration, starting in high school and moving forward through 15 years of employment.

We provide short-listed candidates with a “project” specific to the role, that we work with our clients’ to create. Our clients gain more insight to determine which candidate best “walks the talk”.

We ask for specific references and ask the candidate to facilitate an introduction.

We go where others may not have gone before to uncover the truth.

Our 1 year Guarantee reflects our belief in and endorsement of the process.

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