Succession Options

Move Up not Out.

Succession PlanningMany baby boomer entrepreneurs have their sights set on retirement and Canadians could see trillions of dollars in assets of small and medium sized businesses change hands in the near future.

At People First Solutions we understand that the time may not be right to sell your business, and moving up not out may be the solution for you. We believe this could be the right time to give your time to make time. Teach your team what you know, ensure your legacy continues in your way. We are your trusted partner for hiring top leadership talent. We will work with you to find your 2IC who fits your culture, your team and your vision.

A transition plan is important for all senior levels of the organization from middle management through to the CEO. Many organizations may not have bench strength and therefore lack the leadership talent internally to sustain success and continued growth.

Succession Planning

Family businesses may need to hire someone from outside the family. Unresolved family issues such as sibling rivalry can sometimes put a strain on business. According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 33% of family businesses survive in the first generation and only 15% survive the second.

We will work with you to find people to sustain and grow your business legacy.

Early transition planning enables you to:

  • Maximize the value of the business.
  • Explore your options.
  • Take the time to choose the right 2IC and other key members of your team.
  • Set up financing and transition plans.
  • Have a positive impact on your business’ long-term viability

You created it. You watched it grow. You invested your time and money in it. We find leaders to continue it. Long before you decide to exit we will work with you to ensure the right people are in place.


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