We Hire Top Performers For Our Clients

Our goal at People First Solutions is to hire top performers or “A” Players for our clients. We have based our selection process on Topgrading™ a proven method that allows our clients’ to effectively match top performing “A” candidates to key leadership roles.

Why Topgrading™?

Topgrading™ suggests in most companies only 25% of team members are high performers or “A” Players.

Topgrading™ Goal

Take this average from 25% to 90% To hire, coach, keep “A” players. Every team member is a high performer, or “A” player.

Who is an “A” Player?

Fits the values and culture of your company.
A talented individual who can do the job.
A person with at least a 90% chance of achieving a set of outcomes.

What’s So Great About “A” Players?

Fits the Values
And Culture

Hire one, get three – “A” players can do the job of three people.

Talent That
Will Excel

“A” Players attract other “A” Players.

Ability to

A person with at least 90% chance to achieve set outcomes.

Creating a “Blueprint” for “A” Performance

Together with our clients we devote time discussing the measurable outcomes and competencies necessary for success in each ­role. We develop a mutually agreed upon “Blueprint” before we go to market to begin our search. We present only those candidates who bring the skills, proven experience and competencies that align with the role and the overall strategy of the company.


Our 1 year Guarantee reflects our endorsement of the Topgrading™ process.

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